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Community Training Insitute

We are the only NAMB appointed EW-Seta Electrical Trade Test Center on the West Coast. We are also merSETA accredited for Welding and Mechatronics serving our community with a passion. We offer short courses, soft skills and of course the proper training for you and your employees from the basic Phase 1 Electrical through to Trade Testing; all right here. Our Welding training is done by a national acclaimed instructor and the merSETA accreditation round off our portfolio to give you the best training available...

We now offer apprenticeships in  Electrical. Come visit us in person or visit our Facebook page to see our state of the art panels used for training. Send your mail address and we will forward you the application form immediately.

We are situated in Vredenburg with a wealth of expertise at your finger tips. Visit us anytime!

Training Institute: Text

Practical Training

Ensuring our students acquire specific techniques and sufficient practical practice in the classroom, which can be used in the tools of the trade outside on site.


Electrical Training Center State of the Art Panels

Elite Training and Trade Test Centre where one can start electrical training and be a fully qualified Red Seal Electrician within 2 years.

Theoretical Framework Studies

Theoretical knowledge is provided to ensure a deeper understanding and awareness around how and why, while building the context around electrical education.

Training Institute: Events & Classes
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